REEF implementation and support

We want implementation of REEF to be as painless, useful, and cost effective as possible for you, so we offer a full range of selection, training, implementation, integration, operation and support services.

Free trial model

Go to our download page and pickup a free trial copy of REEF.

Free demonstration

Contact us to book an appointment for a free demonstration of REEF, at your location of choice.

Free version selection advice

Contact us to discuss your particular needs and to determine which version of REEF is likely to be the most appropriate.

Implementation advice

We can advise on the features and benefits of REEF, and how you can implement it in your business.

Development appraisal training

We offer a one-day course that introduces the key concepts of property development appraisals to beginners, using our REEF product.

Familiarity and usage training

We will come to your offices and spend a day demonstrating REEF, and training your staff in its operation. The day will be tailored to the kind of projects you deal with and will assume some experience of the property development process and appraisals.

Switch-over process

We will work with you to transfer existing projects from your current appraisal system on to REEF.

REEF integration

We understand that project appraisals do not stand alone, but form a key part of the overall management and accounting information system. We will work with you to integrate REEF into your existing MIS.

Project appraisal assistance

With this service you get direct access to our experience of modelling many different projects. We will work with your staff to use REEF to model individual projects and we will develop specific modifications as necessary.

Project appraisal service

We take the entire project modelling process off your hands and operate it for you, providing a responsive and bespoke service. This is recommended for dealing with critical projects where specialist knowledge is essential, and your own resources are limited.

REEF Discrete

Subject to availability, at short notice we will provide a full and confidential project modelling service, to help you analyse and secure a deal. We will attend negotiation meetings, wherever they are held, and contribute financial modelling and critical advice, as part of your team.