REEF is the latest evolution of a tried and tested model… the result of over 20 years of development in real, hard usage on a huge range of projects, from the smallest and simplest, to the very largest and most complex. We have seen alternatives systems, we have tried and tested them, we are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and we have designed REEF to be the best solution.

REEF is now available to the public… in 3 versions, each designed to handle a different kind of project, from single unit developments to large regeneration schemes. Just pick the one which is most suitable for you.

REEF can be modified to handle almost any development situation... experience has taught us that all projects are different, each with their own peculiarities. Frequently proprietary systems are unable to cope with the challenge, and users have to resort to starting one-off spreadsheets from scratch, with all that implies in terms of cost and unreliability. With REEF the hard work has already been done. It is designed as a solid common foundation, upon which users can build their project specific customisations.

REEF is a true innovation... We read the books on conventional software and spreadsheet construction, and we threw them away. We even abandoned the standard layout for a development appraisal. What we’ve come up with is DIFFERENT, and it has to be seen, and used, to be believed and appreciated.

REEF is, above all, intended to offer outstanding value for money We love it, and we want everyone to use it and appreciate its benefits. Your business can implement it for as little as £75 + VAT per user per year.

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