Range of Services

The services we offer include, but are not limited to these twelve headings:

Fundamental transaction accounting systems

Ledgers, bank accounts, cash systems, payroll, internal controls, document processing, filing, basic financial reports, VAT returns, accounts staff: these are just some of the essential elements of an operational accounting system. To get it all right is extremely difficult, but this has been the basis of our working careers. We can do it for you.

Statutory financial reporting

GAAP & financial reporting standards, UITF pronouncements, the statutory books, annual returns, tax computations and returns. We can help to guide you through the complexities of proper compliance, so you stay on the right side of the law.

Information technology infrastructure

Itís an absolute ever changing jungle out there, of hardware and software systems, and providers, and advisors, and financing packages. Advances in connectivity now mean that all your datacoms needs (computing, cabling, printing, imaging, faxing, archiving, switchboard, email, voicemail, internet, website, extranet, remote access, hosting, data-rooms, etc) can most effectively be met by connecting all the parts into an integrated system. Quite honestly, even weíre confused. But we do have strong views on the technology that relates to accounting systems, and we can advise on that aspect of your whole IT package to make sure you get the most out of it.

Project appraisals

Using our flexible REEF product, we can create appraisals for all your development projects, so you can monitor the existing ones and evaluate the prospective ones. Click here for more on REEF.

Project reporting and control

We can provide you with project approval, monitoring, cost control, and forecasting tools and processes, enabling you to control acceptance and keep right up to date with the past, current and likely future performance of your projects. You can measure them one by one, grouped (say, all offices), or all consolidated. We can also integrate project cashflow and profit forecasting into your main accounting systems.

Management systems

Ever wondered whatís really going on in your business, but been unable to find out because the reports you get donít give you the answers? Ever been frustrated because the processes, the forms, the documentation, the meetings etc donít seem to be generating the decision making and activity you expect? We can design management information systems that will tell you all you want to know, and processes that will optimise communications and decision making, so your business operates as it ought to.

Business and strategic planning

Analysing your asset potential, understanding your markets, producing a financial plan, and devising the strategy to deliver it, are essential requirements for any business, but particularly for property development / investment players, where you may need to look ten or even twenty years into the future to organise your funding and execute your strategy. We can produce financial plans that model your business in detail - plans that can be flexed to test alternative strategies and market assumptions - enabling you to understand the key drivers and clearly visualise the objectives you want to realise.

Organisation structuring

Organisations are complicated ever changing mixtures of legal entities, people, hierarchies, functions, responsibilities, activities, departments, cultures, competencies, assets, liabilities, processes etc. Designing a structure optimised to deliver your strategic objectives whilst being robust, responsive, and tax efficient is a challenging task. We have extensive experience of real estate organisations of all sizes, and can advise on how to create an effective organisation from scratch, or how to change an existing business to increase its performance.

Forensic examination

We are familiar with the problems inherent in spreadsheet based systems particularly in small organisations where the excel skills may only rest with one key staff member. To ensure that your risk in this area is mitigated we can analyse and document any Excel spreadsheets that have been created. This will enable you to train others in their use and to pass that knowledge on to ensure confident succession planning. We can also make suggestions as to how the spreadsheets may be improved.

Risk analysis

Itís become a world in which we all have to look in every direction at once, keeping guard against any conceivable hazard, whilst simultaneously stretching to over-achieve on business goals. Itís a massive challenge for management. We can help you identify, record, measure, and understand the risks faced by your business, so you can professionally manage the balance between risks and opportunities, and limit the downside (cover your back!).

OJEU submissions and tenders

We have valuable experience working for the public sector in assisting with procurement, in preparing bid requirements, and in reviewing and scoring submissions. Much of what we have seen has been let down by poor financial returns. We can show you how to make your financial responses meet the brief, be outstanding, and substantially improve your chances of selection as preferred bidder.

Transactions analysis and assistance

Take-over bids, mergers, business sales, setting up consortia and joint ventures, property acquisitions and disposals; these transactions frequently have highly complex financial aspects which need to be modelled so they can be understood. We can not only do the financial modelling, quickly and effectively, but as experienced property accountants we can advise on many of the key assumptions, structure options, and broad tax effects. We can even join your negotiating team as active participants.

Service Delivery

Contact us for a confidential chat about your needs. As individuals bound by the ethical code of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, you can be assured of the utmost discretion and professional behaviour on our part.

We believe that our combination of competence and experience gained in senior finance positions in property firms and subsequent years as real estate advisors in a Big 4 accounting firm, enable us to offer you a particularly unique service. A service that will deliver your highest aspirations, and represent outstanding value for money.