Some common issues, sound familiar?

FINANCIAL DIRECTOR: My monthly financial and project reporting is too detailed and crude. The systems and internal controls need work. The Board are demanding more relevant and better presented information. How can I fix the problems and really impress the Board?

BID DIRECTOR: Our bid submissions are beautifully presented complete with professional drawings from our architects. But the financial return? It doesnít meet the brief, Iím not sure itís accurate and the presentation is embarrassing! Why canít we do ourselves justice?

VALUER: Our proprietary development appraisal system is easy to use but it canít model the complexity that we are increasingly finding. The licenses are very expensive and the files arenít portable so I canít send them to clients who donít have the same system.

BANKER: We are over-reliant on the integrity and accuracy of our clientsí financial models. I wish we had a tool, or could access a service, enabling us to quickly and accurately check their modelling against our standard benchmarks, and run our own sensitivities.

PERFORMANCE MANAGER: We did not effectively analyse the risk in the performance mechanism and challenge it during negotiation and now are tied into it under this contract. We are paying penalties even though the service we are providing is good.

FINANCIAL MODELLER: Our templates are huge, crude, simplistic, and inflexible. If only I could find something on the market that was really clever, well presented to impress clients, but also easy to modify.

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